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Matheakis- Bio

Born in New York City in 1981, Kaliopi Matheakis, immigrated to Greece with her family, her ancestral homeland at the age of eight. Growing up and educated on the Isle of Crete, Ms. Matheakis absorbed and was influence by the footprints of civilizations dating back over 130,000 years.

As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Greece, residents of Crete experience a modern cosmopolitan incarnation of this Island influenced by nine empires throughout history. She interacted with people from all levels of society while working at her parents fast food restaurant, the first one opened in Crete.

As a child growing up in Greece Kaliopi Matheakis developed an artistic view of the world. The influential pull of her Greek heritage was never far behind as she progressed from childhood crayons to paints, pencils, and clay in pursuing her artistic passions.

After completing her secondary education Kaliopi Matheakis sought a career in cosmetology. She travelled through Europe while exploring that goal. While perfecting the craft of cosmetology which she was committed to as a career goal, Kaliopi Matheakis continued to pursue her artistic inspirations in her spare time.

As a cosmetologist she has worked with fashion models and celebrities. Gifted in using hair extensions, Ms. Matheakis taught the craft as well as she saved to open her own studio. While studying cosmetology and continuing her artistic pursuits Kaliopi developed a unique process for creating 3D art.

Kaliopi is self-taught  developed, practiced, and perfected a skill in wire knitting  to create unique canvas/ wood backed three-dimensional interpretive artistic creations. She applied the knitting ability passed down through the generations of Greek women. Men in the Greek culture are skilled at repairing and creating necessary tools and equipment using galvanized steel wires. By combining both the technique, knitting, and the material, galvanized steel wire Ms. Matheakis pays homage to the roots of her Greek heritage.

In developing the art of crafting artistic interpretation by knitting galvanized steel wire, Kaliopi Matheakis believes that the gift of God inspires her artworks and had her first Solo Art Exhibition on June 2010. At the age of twenty-eight in February 2011 during a period of artistic inspiration, she heard a calling from God to return to the United States. Four days later after packing her material possessions, Kaliopi Matheakis settled in New York, her birthplace.

In Greece she had family, friends, a successful career and business which she left behind to begin a new life in the United States. As her cosmetology license was not valid in New York, Kaliopi Matheakis, had to start over.

She worked to attain her license and open a salon while suffering emotional trauma, her father passing from an illness far from her in Greece etc. While achieving her goals she married and became pregnant twice. Through it all she became the owner of three businesses, teaching hair extension techniques, supplying hair to stylist and hair salons, and is the proprietor of her dreamed of salon.

With inspiration as her guide, Kaliopi worked long hours to achieve a career goal of opening her own salon. She succeeded in opening a hair salon which specializes in hair extensions in creating dynamic coiffures for all occasions. She is the proud proprietor of PR/ PuRity Hair Extensions Salon, located at 30-63 31st Street, Long Island City, NY.

The success of the salon and her loyal clientele allows Kaliopi the time to continually pursue her artistic expressions in the medium which she developed. She continues the creative process by creating new additions to her art portfolio of three-dimensional art.

In her spare time Kaliopi is a student of life. She enjoys the wonders of NYC, its museums, galleries, cuisine options as well as the parks and long contemplative walks. She also enjoys re-creating traditional Greek foods and giving help where is needed.

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